By your correspondents: Arthur, Jochem, Mathijs


Yeayea, the time has come, despite the whole corona-crisis the yearly edition of the Kick-In took place! Of course Cabezota was present again to organise beachhandball workshops. Due to the circumstances, attendance was a few hundred people less than last year, but it certainly didn't spoil the fun!

With more time on our hands than during a usual Kick-In, we were able to give short trainings. This way we were able to teach both intermediates, as well as new-comers some new beachhandball tricks. With additional interest, we are looking forward to the upcoming introduction trainings.

After a warm-up round of dodgeball, throwing techniques were practiced, among which the 360 and the flyer were introduced. Next, Jochem, Mathijs and Emie were used to target practice. In order to identify new talents, every do-group was challenged with a shoot-out session at the end of the short trainings!!!

By an internal competition within the committee, in which the ball had to stay within the beach courts, multiple six-packs were acquired to keep the morale high.


During the workshops:

  • We drank 19 Red Bulls
  • 10 objects flew out of the beach courts
    • Of which Jochem but 6 beachballs and 1 frisbee to his name
    • Arthur was a bit less generous with 1 beachball and 1 basketball 
    • Mathijs was more moderate with only 1 beachball
  • We welcomed around 100 first year students
  • Jochem was hit in his nuts 5 times

After 10 with the committee:

  • 14 six-packs and 2 crates of beer were consumed
  • 10 cans of energy and a bottle Jägermeister were inhaled
  • An amazing bottle of Prosecco was opened after 4 AM.
  • Arthur dumped his stomach contents in Jochem's toilet after only 2 beers
  • Was the use of socks in the US discussed
  • Jochem giggled like a belieber for at least 1 hour
  • Bian drank water at the end of the night to avoid being hungover
  • The eye-size of Marysia's new quality flirt increased as alcohol consumption increased

Whilst writing this article:

  • The following refreshments were consumed and things happened:
  Arthur Jochem Mathijs
Coffee 4 2 2
Bathroom brakes 5 4 4
Groslch 4    
M&M Ice cream 1    
Grapes 16    
Peanut butter sandwich 1    
0.5L Weißen   1.5  
Tic tacs   15  
Shirts taken off   1  
Magnum almond   1  
Songs sang   3  
Grolsch Blond 0.45L   2  
Belts opened   4  
Yawn   4  
Westmalle triple   2  
Straffe Hendrik   3  
Dad breaks   1  
Grolsch Lentebok     6
Stroopwaffles     4
  • We have skyped for 4h:31m:20s
  • Mathijs was incapable of typing
  • Mathijs was 1 pixel larger than Arthur
  • Arthur was fucking distracted by his game
    • Which made him miss Mathijs downing a Lentebok
  • Jochem's phone was leaning against an empty beer bottle in order for him to read and contribute writing this article





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