Cabezota Beachhandball Tournament - Covid-19 Edition

Save the date: 10 Juli - Cabezota Beachhandbal Tournooi - Covid-19 Editie!

We zijn terug! Na een jaar afwezig te zijn geweest in 2020, zullen we dit jaar weer het Cabezota Beachhandbal Toernooi (CBHT) organiseren. Het toernooi keert dit jaar niet in volledige glorie terug, het wordt wat kleiner, een 'Covid-19 editie' van het normale toernooi. Maar geen zorgen! Enkele karakteristieke elementen van ons toernooi staan gewoon weer op de planning. We hebben enorm zin om na een lange periode weer een mooi toernooi neer te zetten. We gaan er het absolute beste van maken!…

Beachhandball Workshops Kick-In

Door uw correspondenten: Arthur, Jochem, Mathijs


Jajaja, het is weer zover, ondanks de hele corona-tramalant toch weer de jaarlijkse Kick-In! Natuurlijk met Cabezota weer aanwezig om beachhandbal-workshops te organiseren. Een paar honderd man minder dan vorig jaar, maar dat mocht de pret zeker niet drukken.

Met meer tijd aan onze handen dan normaal tijdens een Kick-In, konden we dit jaar korte trainingen geven! Zo konden voor de gevorderden en amateurs toch aan iedereen iets nieuws leren. Met veel belangstelling verder, kijken we uit naar de komende …

Matchday 11.01.20

Cabezota DS1 - Dynamiek DS1

Last Saturday, it was time for the first home match of the decade! The ladies of Cabezota faced off against Dynamiek DS1. The last time these teams met, the result was nothing to write home about for Cabezota. So the expectations may not have been high before the match. However, after an even start, up to 5-4, it was Cabezota who took the first 4-point lead of the game, 11-7. The next moment Dynamiek upped their game and even took the lead with 11-12. In the remainder of the first half it was Cabezota who were the most…

Sinterklaas at Cabezota

As every year, also this year on a day in December, Sinterklaas and his companion Zwarte Piet came to the members of Cabezota. The calendar in the house was turned back, so we could officially celebrate  Sinterklaas on 5th December... Poems, presents, pepernoten, beer, food and wine - nothing was missing at our party! Thanks again to Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet for visiting us, it was such a great and enjoyable ('gezellige') evening!


Hummel Nederland

In search of a long-term solution for the club clothing issue, our secretary, Chris, came across the sportswear brand company Deventrade which is located in Deventer. One of the brands of the company is Hummel Nederland, our favourite brand concerning handball team clothing. So, without hesitation, we agreed to travel to Deventer and have an appointment with one of the marketing professionals.

Matchday 24.11.2019

HCW DS1 - Cabezota DS1

Last Sunday, rather early in the morning, the girls’ team gathered for the trip to Winterswijk. At 10:55 the referee opened the match with some English words as he realised that also some international players are part of our women’s team.

Matchday 17.11.19

Cabezota DS1 - E.H.C. '95 DS2

The cold Sunday started heated as the women's teams of Cabezota and EHC were ready to face in an exciting match. After the first goal scored by EHC the girls quickly recovered and the score was evened by Katharina, after which the lead was quickly achieved. The game was incredibly neck in neck, the difference in score at no point being greater than four.

At half time, the illuminated score of 12 - 12 was facing down on the women's team, still a long way to go. The team got some encouraging words from the coaches of the game…

Matchday 16.11.19

Cabezota HS1 - HV Havana HS1

On Saturday evening, the men gathered for the first match of the weekend. Although moods were still strong from Tuesdays match against the Eredivisie (first league) team E&O this match was going to be more important as it was against the team above us in the competition standings.

Beker Cup Match - Cabezota HS1 vs. E&O

Tuesday 12.11.2019 at 19:45 in SC1

E&O is currently holding the 1st place in the first division (Eredivisie)...However, there might be a little chance of winning, as E&O usually plays with resin!!

So, come to the match and support our men`s team!:-)

Entrance fee: 2€ per person
(Due to regulations of the NHV federation there will be an entrance fee.)

Beker Cup Match

Cabezota HS1 - Oosting Metaal Recycling/E&O HS1 (25 - 30)

Last Tuesday, our men had probably the most professional opponent that has ever been in the history of Cabezota. As part of the Beker Cup (Bekercompetitie), Cabezota HS1 played against E&O which currently resides on the first place in the first division of the Netherlands (Eredivisie). In that sense, it was a very special match for the team, Fred - our coach, our members, supporters, and also the staff of the sports centre. The event was promoted, tickets have been printed and other arrangements…