In search of a long-term solution for the club clothing issue, our secretary, Chris, came across the sportswear brand company Deventrade which is located in Deventer. One of the brands of the company is Hummel Nederland, our favourite brand concerning handball team clothing. So, without hesitation, we agreed to travel to Deventer and have an appointment with one of the marketing professionals.

So, a Tuesday morning we met to go to Deventer, looking forwards to an exciting schedule that has been sent to us beforehand. When arriving at the company, we were quite impressed and felt rather inappropriate as we are just students and not professional board members of a prestigious handball association. Yet, we went inside and were warmly welcomed by the marketing professional.

First, we went to the showroom where we could inspect the clothing line that was chosen for our club. We were impressed when we saw that all the mannequins were dressed with black-green hummel clothes with a Cabezota logo. Together with an employee from Deventrade, we looked closer at the garments and felt the fabric. Later, we were introduced into the concept of the company, which is: Sponsor zoekt vereniging! (EN: Sponsor looks for association!). The concept is very appealing for us, and also Deventrade is not rejecting us as a small association, because the amount of sponsoring is depending on the amount of orders. In this way, it is a win-win concept for both parties.

After agreeing on a collaboration that starts as soon as possible (latest in the end of January as the clothes line will be available from then), we were showed around in the company. Thereby, we had a look at the design, marketing, special design and the stock, which was a great experience. Also, we were indulged with delicious sandwiches, a great atmosphere and friendly employees. Thanks again! We are looking forwards to the collaboration!

Hummel Nederland