Cabezota HS1 - HV Havana HS1

On Saturday evening, the men gathered for the first match of the weekend. Although moods were still strong from Tuesdays match against the Eredivisie (first league) team E&O this match was going to be more important as it was against the team above us in the competition standings.

After encouraging words from our coach, Fred, the game started, but a lack of energy was already felt by some members before the start of the game; a few of the key members were feeling ill. Unfortunately, things did not improve greatly throughout the game and it was mostly experienced as quite frustrating. A great effort was made by our goal keeper Jochem, but Havana’s first team was able to pierce through our defenses often. This effectively lead to too many shots on goal for our iron curtain to withstand. On offense the situation was not drastically better: A strong defense with an outward player led to difficulties with getting through: ‘I don’t know how to counter their defense’. Unfortunately, through the second half, one of the strongest players, Chris, was also injured after fierce playing. Thankfully, the game stayed friendly and both teams were on good terms although the men were disappointed, next time we will show them.

The mood was lifted slightly by our second coach, Fred the frog, showing up for the after match drinks and giving some encouraging words.