Cabezota DS1 - E.H.C. '95 DS2

The cold Sunday started heated as the women's teams of Cabezota and EHC were ready to face in an exciting match. After the first goal scored by EHC the girls quickly recovered and the score was evened by Katharina, after which the lead was quickly achieved. The game was incredibly neck in neck, the difference in score at no point being greater than four.

At half time, the illuminated score of 12 - 12 was facing down on the women's team, still a long way to go. The team got some encouraging words from the coaches of the game Chris and Jochem and got to work.

Immediately, four points were secured by Nicolien, Tess, Linda and Robin a lead that was held strongly until the end of the game. At points it was difficult to not cheer as a score counter when some amazing breakaways and wing shots were executed. An unfortunate accident happened when two players hit into each other, so that a timeout had to be called. Sadly, EHC lost one of its players - we hope that she is feeling well again by now. This interruption, thankfully, did not deter the women and a convincing victory of 23 - 20 was achieved by Cabezota!