HCW DS1 - Cabezota DS1

Last Sunday, rather early in the morning, the girls’ team gathered for the trip to Winterswijk. At 10:55 the referee opened the match with some English words as he realised that also some international players are part of our women’s team.

The match was dominated by mixed emotions. Unfortunately, the girls from Winterswijk were more consistent with scoring, so that they won with 29 – 19 in the end. Still, our girls were fighting and playing together, which lead to a come back in the first half when Winterswijk was only leading by one goal.
Overall, it was a fair match and all the girls had fun with playing together. Big thanks again to Simone who filled in spontaneously for our coach, Reinout, who had to play with the men’s team against Ha-STU HS2.

Ha-STU HS2 - Cabezota HS1

On Sunday, eight men went to Nijmegen to play against Ha-STU HS2. Knowing it would be a hard game with having only one substitute, our men were prepared to lose. After the first five minutes, however, the score was still 0 - 0. Then shortly our men started scoring, obtaining a lead of 1 - 7, which, by halftime, was 9 - 11 in favor of our men.

Starting the second half, Ha-STU played the same tactic as in the first half. Reinout, playing on the right back, got personal defence, so that Arthur, playing on the right wing, got slightly isolated. This meant that the ball was only played on the left side during most of the attacks. Fortunately, with some well-played switches, some balls could be played to the right side and opened up the defense of Ha-STU. During the entire second half, the score did not differ more than 2 points, with Ha-Stu becoming more frustrated, and our men regaining their form, although slightly exhausted. It were in the last few minutes that the game was decided. Two goals from our side and a solid defense that didn’t allow any balls or players pass through, the victory of Cabezota was secured. Final score: 18 - 20 and eight exhausted players.