Beker Cup Match

Cabezota HS1 - Oosting Metaal Recycling/E&O HS1 (25 - 30)

Last Tuesday, our men had probably the most professional opponent that has ever been in the history of Cabezota. As part of the Beker Cup (Bekercompetitie), Cabezota HS1 played against E&O which currently resides on the first place in the first division of the Netherlands (Eredivisie). In that sense, it was a very special match for the team, Fred - our coach, our members, supporters, and also the staff of the sports centre. The event was promoted, tickets have been printed and other arrangements…

Matchday 10.11.2019

Huissen/DFS Arnhem HS2 - Cabezota HS1 (25 - 28)

This Sunday, our men's team went for their match to Huissen, close to Arnhem. With their team complete, the Cabezota men could set themselves apart from the opponent by half-time. During the second half, our men could even expand their lead up to 8 goals. However, in the end, Huissen/DFS Arnhem HS2 could come back so that the end result was 25 - 28 in favour of our men's team. So, back at home, they celebrated their win with a 'team-building-pizza-eating-activity'.

Matchday 02.11.2019

Cabezota HS1 vs. Quintus HS1 & Cabezota DS1 vs. de Lutte DS2

Last Saturday, we had a fun and pleasant evening in the sports centre of the University of Twente. Both our weekend teams (HS1 and DS1) played their matches at home. A great thanks to all the cheering supporters! With your help, our men's team could win against Quintus HS1, the (at that time) first place of the division. It was a tight match, but in the end Cabezota won with 21-19. Now, Cabezota HS1 is on the second place; only HV Havana HS1 is placed in front, however, they only had a match more…